Alchemy by A.Olivier ®

Explore the Alchemy of spiritually-crafted essences created to awaken you to your inner luminosity.

Alchemy by A. Olivier is an invitation into the sacred realm of essential oils to ignite and align your inner senses.

Alchemy by A.Olivier®

Alchemy by A.Olivier® Handcrafted Essential Oil Blends

Experience the sacred Alchemy of handcrafted essential oil blends created by Spiritual Alchemist and Aromatherapist, Alisha Olivier Park.

Alisha formulated these blends to support you on your journey of Personal development and Spiritual growth.

These potions are meticulously crafted in small batches by Alisha during auspicious planetary alignments, lunar events, solstices and equinoxes to encode and infuse the energy of these celestial events within the alchemy.

Each bottle has been blessed under the glow of the Full Moon or soaked in the energy of the New Moon.

My Promise to You



Pure and Natural blends.
GC/MS tested to ensure the highest quality.
Sustainable and Non-toxic
Vegan and Cruelty free.


Mindfully Created

All bottles are UV protected.
Purest Quality.
Handcrafted with intention.
Never tested on animals.
Each bottle cGmp approved to ensure highest standards.
Free of synthetic ingredients and artificial fragrances.


Sacred Ingredients

Wildcrafted ingredients.
Ethically and sustainably sourced from around the world.
Tested to ensure authenticity.


Made in the USA

Woman-owned company.
Fill your heart with love.

How to Use the Alchemy Blends


Enjoy this short video with the sacred how-to’s for using Alchemy by A. Olivier®


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