Meet Alisha

Alisha Olivier is a world-renowned Personal Growth Mentor and budding Author. 

She has dedicated the last 22 years to guiding others to the root of their unconscious emotional habits while teaching them how to love themselves and live in alignment with their purpose.

Alisha found her beginnings learning and teaching alongside Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Center. Through her work at the center, she received the education of a lifetime working with the greatest Spiritual teachers and wellness professionals of our time. 

This profound education, combined with her own healing journey, inspired her signature programs Healing from Within®, LEGACY by A.Olivier®, and Sovereign A.Olivier™. These programs are unique formulas that provide the tools, guidance, and support to those ready to rise up and live to their highest potential. She is a student of life, born with the gift of being able to connect deeply to people and hold profound space for their healing,

Alisha shares her programs online and in person through her retreats in Oregon, Hawaii, and Italy.

Alisha’s Story

To be a woman of Sovereign power, it takes a strong-will,
absolute faith, and an enduring sense of one’s true Essence.

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