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LIVE with Alisha Olivier  ~ Special Guest Espisode’s 

Actor, Paul Blackthorne joins Alisha for a chat about Covid19, and how to stay happy, healthy, and positive through it. Experience breathwork, personal stories, and a touching Prose by Kitty o’ Meara.

World-renowned Meditation Teacher, Davidji joins Alisha in a fun and profound episode. Experience a guided meditation and find out how to release stress and anxiety with an Alchemy Bath.

Watch Alisha Mentor Students

Student Interviews

Jessicah speaks about how she moved past feeling undeserving and learned how to set healthy boundaries.

Mamet shares how she overcame her fear of what others think of her and establish vital self-care practices.

Gavin talks about moving past anxiety & depression without medication

Student Success Stories

Healing from Within® graduates share how it changed their lives.

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