Healing from Within Mentor Training Online Course

Transform your life while learning to guide others to live the life of their dreams!

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.

A Healing from Within Mentor guides students through the hero’s journey.

Mentor Training

In this mentor training you will be certified to mentor students through a multi-layered process, based in spiritual psychology and integrative healing techniques. As a Mentor, you will work with students one-on-one, guiding them through the process of transformation. This process includes helping students awaken to and heal unresolved issues. Your students will then learn how to transform their pain, discover their unique gifts and talents, and connect with their soul wisdom to create a life they love, fulfilling their destiny!

How You Will Learn

Participate from anywhere. You will be guided through the Mentor Training online course during weekly small group webinars led by program creator Alisha Olivier Park.

This training includes:

  • Access to our online training program which includes over 50 hours of inspirational video lessons, extensive written materials, interactive journaling, homework assignments, exams, reading requirements and real life practicum.
  • Access to weekly, small group webinars led by HFW program creator Alisha Olivier Park.
  • During the week, you will read and complete online materials as well as go deeper into personal lifework homework assigned by Alisha. These assignments will address what you need to work on personally in order to move through your blocks.
  • You will learn the wisdom of the teachings and apply this to your life, thus too healing on the deepest level.
  • You will gain valuable first-hand experience guiding students through the HFW program. This training qualifies you to make a profound difference in the lives of many.
  • Through this comprehensive training program you will learn knowledge and wisdom, and develop the intuition and confidence that is necessary to begin a successful career as a professional mentor.

Who Is This Training For?

This training is for those ready to live a unique life, fulfilling their destiny in a life they love. Mentors are intuitive, wise and dedicated to living a vibrant life. Mentors come from all professions and all walks of life and join together for a meaningful cause. They all have one thing in common: a desire for transformation and helping others live a life they love!

When do I Start?

Our next Mentor Training begins April 11, 2018

Live weekly webinars on Wednesdays 7:00-8:30am Pacific Time
from April 11 – November 7, 2018.

Learn at your own pace

You will learn and work through the course materials at your own pace, but you will be kept on track during our weekly, small group webinars. During these calls you will get to connect with other mentors-in-training, participate in group energetic and ceremonial work, and receive personal guidance from program creator Alisha Olivier Park on how to take the teachings deeper in your own life.

HFW Mentor Training Begins April 11, 2018

Registration closes March 11, 2018. Is mentoring your purpose?

Why be a HFW Mentor?


As a HFW Mentor, be your own boss and work when you want, from anywhere in the world.


As a HFW Mentor, create your own schedule and work with as many or as little students as you want.


As a HFW Mentor, mentor students as a full time career or in addition to another career.


As a HFW Mentor, serve a higher purpose and be an inspiration to the world!

Be One Who Inspires

A HFW Mentor is similar to, but different than, a life coach:

  • A HFW Mentor guides students to achieve profound levels of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellness.
  • A HFW Mentor is a healed healer and an authentic teacher. While learning how to guide others to overcome their greatest challenges, you too will discover the strengths within yourself and rise above the challenges of your own life.
  • A HFW Mentor listens, holds space for and allows Divine healing energy to flow through and support each student in an intuitive, wise and effective way.
  • A HFW Mentor is deeply connected to their soul purpose and helps others awaken and connect to their unique gifts, talents and life purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

transparent-mandala-1Is this for me?

Do you have a feeling inside, a flame, a curiousity that is lit, a spark of interest? Now is the time to rise above and open to true and lasting change. In this program, you will do your own transformational work: while you are studying to help others transform their life, your life will be transformed as well. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

transparent-mandala-2Who am I to lead the way and guide and help others?

Who are you not to? This training will help you own your gifts and talents. Yes, first you must discover them, but then you will refine them, enhance them, and evolve them into great, great gifts to share with the world. No need to wish this upon yourself to happen overnight. Begin the journey now and awaken to your full potential.

transparent-mandala-3 Am I qualified to be a Mentor?

All you need is courage and commitment to do the program. This dedication will qualify you. At the end of this jouney you will be more prepared than ever before. You will know self empowerment, be in touch with your wisdom on a soul level, and uncover your unique intuitive healing gifts and talents. You will be an example of the work and inspire others to begin their journey. Love the work you do and spread transformation like wildfire!

Still Not Sure?

What Our Graduates Are Saying

Requirements & Investment

Certification Requirements

In order for you to be the best mentor you can be, we require you to go through the Healing from Within course + private sessions with a mentor before taking the Healing from Within Mentor Training.

Healing from Within Mentor certification requires you to attend a Healing from Within retreat of your choice with Alisha Olivier Park. View upcoming retreats.


Tuition for the HFW Mentor Training Program is $3250*. You can pay in full or take advantage of our payment plan: $1500 deposit to confirm your enrollment and 7 monthly payments of $297**.

*Please note that HFW Mentor Training Program Tuition does not include the cost of HFW online course with a mentor or the cost of a HFW retreat.

**Please note that payment plan totals $3579.

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