A Life Inspired Online Course

Unlock the 7 Gateways to Living a Life You Love

Discover the Keys to Inspired Living

The Tools Are All Around You, Let Your Wisdom Flow

A Life Inspired Online Course

In this course, A Life Inspired, Alisha Olivier Park teaches the wisdom of inspired living with practical ways to immediately begin living a more inspired life. Learn ways to bring balance, joy and happiness into your life right now.

All aspects of self–physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health–are covered in this interactive guide to living a joyful, fulfilling life.

This course will help you to bring your life into balance and create a strong foundation from which you can grow and experience A Life Inspired!

What You Will Learn

The A Life Inspired course consists of 8 lessons which include:

  • guided self inquiry, to help you clearly see and breakthrough your challenges
  • introduction to meditation, to connect to your personal wellspring of wisdom
  • how to change emotional reactions into empowering responses
  • intentional nourishment, to improve your health and well-being
  • a guided 30 minute yoga flow, to renew your spirit
  • and more

Work through this course at your own pace. Try one lesson per day to kick-start a week of inspired living.

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