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    You may have asked “How can I ever sign up a new student for a 6 session package? It is a large investment to make upfront and people are afraid to commit.”

    So yes, the HFW program is an investment in one’s personal transformation. But you can take advantage of lower cost offerings to build interest, trust, and commitment of a student toward the program. Here is how you can start small and the work toward enrolling a student in a full package:

    1. Speak (Student Cost: Free). – Speak to a potential student from your experience about the mentoring work you do. Offer a 30 minute free consultation to the student to see if the program would be a good fit for them.
    2. 30 minute Free Consultation (Student Cost: Free). – During the free consultation discover what aspects of life the student is seeking transformation in, e.g. relationships, healthy lifestyle, job satisfaction, purpose and meaning, etc. Then reveal how HFW can bring balance, clarity and insight to the challenges of their personal situation. At the end of the consultation, suggest they schedule a Lifestyle Consultation for 2 in-depth sessions which will teach them specific ways to bring balance to their life, thus working towards relief of their main challenge.
    3. Lifestyle Consultation (Student Cost: $290, for 2, 90 minute sessions). – The two sessions of the Lifestyle Consultation not only help your student to create a strong foundation for personal transformation, but the sessions also help you to identify the deeper work that first needs to be addressed in HFW. In the second session you can offer them this support. Also explain how they have just completed the first two sessions of a six session package, and how it would be of great benefit for them to continue working in the program.
    4. Committing to the Next Sessions (Student Cost: $566 for 4 sessions of distance work (or $633 for in person mentoring) + $270 to enroll in the Online School). – Sign up your student for the rest of their first package. Continue working with your student, taking them through Stage One of HFW.

    In the example above, notice how you can take an interested student, who is ready to do the work, through increasing levels of commitment to their personal transformation and into fully enrolling in HFW.

    Also review Lesson 2 Topics: How to Share HFW and HFW Scheduling, Payment, and Confirmation (the HFW Price List is also on this second page).

    One final thought, if it is difficult for you to find potential students interested and willing to commit to the first package of HFW, stop for a moment for some self reflection. Notice where issues of staying focused and committed is showing up in your current experience. How is your commitment to personal transformation? Are there other areas of life where staying focused or committed is currently challenging or difficult for you? How then, can you bring more awareness, love, and commitment to these areas?

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