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Tea Ceremony is a beautiful practice that can be a gateway to connect to yourself, others, nature, and Spirit.

Tea Ceremony has profoundly affected my life, assisting me in letting go of all that is false and connecting me deeply to my heart and intuition.

My teacher on this path is Wu De, and he has founded a non-profit called the Global Tea Hut, a beautiful resource for education, ceremonial tea, and teaware.

In the following lessons, you will be introduced to Cha Dao, “The path of tea,” directly from Wu De. This way, I honor our lineage and keep the purity of the teachings.
This course will help you establish an overall understanding of tea ceremony and assist you in creating a home tea practice.

For those of you joining the virtual tea ceremonies with me on Mondays, I highly recommend taking the time to watch the videos (Lessons 8 & 9 are optional) and gather some supplies to get the most authentic experience.

You can keep it simple at first and just come to the virtual tea ceremonies with a simple cup of herbal tea and an open heart. Those attending in person will be served tea, so just bring your big ol’ beautiful heart 🙂

If you feel inspired to build a regular practice, having a few essential supplies will be helpful, you canfind suggestions for your supplies in the last lesson of the course.

In this course you will learn:

What You Will Learn

Lesson 1


Lesson 2

How to Hold the Bowl

Lesson 3


Lesson 4

Gongfu & Bowl Tea

Lesson 5


Lesson 6

Leaves in a Bowl

Lesson 7

The Five Basics of Tea Brewing

Lesson 8

Kettles & Braziers

Lesson 9

Kettles For Tea in Depth

Lesson 10

How to Improve Water for Tea

Lesson 11

Purchasing Tea & Teaware