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In Stage Two of the Healing from Within program, you will begin the deeper healing work. You will explore your belief system, your shadows and areas in your life where codependency is present. In this course, you will learn new perceptions and ways of being with your feelings, thoughts and actions. You will learn to bring more love and acceptance to your life. At the end of this stage you will connect even more deeply with what it is like to love and be loved without conditions.

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What You Will Learn

Lesson 1


In order to heal on the deepest level, you must be willing to become aware of what is within yourself. You must be able to feel your emotions. In this lesson, you will take a closer look at the spectrum of emotions and the emotions that you typically experience. You will also learn to fully access your emotions and how to process the negative polarity of an emotion in order to experience the other side.


Lesson 2

The Structure of Belief

In this lesson, you will begin to take a closer look at your personal belief structure and begin to create a new reality based on the beliefs you consciously choose to include.


Lesson 3

Conscious Communication

In this lesson, you will learn what it means to be a conscious communicator and how this will bring peace and harmony into your life.


Lesson 4

The Shadow Realm

A shadow is a quality, or part of self, that you do not like about yourself. In this lesson, become aware of your shadows and learn to embrace them.


Lesson 5


In this lesson, learn what codependency is and how to break-free.


Lesson 6

Your Story

In this lesson, you will get a clear picture of your story and any painful patterns that have appeared throughout your life. Then you will work towards healing these patterns and learn how to create a better story of a life you want to live.