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In Stage Three of the Healing from Within program, you will learn about living from the Divine perspective. Living life from a Divine perspective means pulling back the lens so far, that you can view life from the place from which you co-created it. That’s correct, the life you are living is one that you co-created with the Divine in order to evolve as a Soul. This life, which includes all of your experiences and relationships, is an opportunity for you to remember your True Self and your True Purpose here on Earth.

The Divine perspective is incredibly liberating in the way that it allows you to attain a deeper understanding of the purpose of life and all of the experiences and relationships that it consists of. It will assist you in seeing the bigger picture and reaching deeper levels of trust, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love for self and others. Do your best to integrate it into daily your life, for it is a big shift with big gifts!

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What You Will Learn

Lesson 1

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is love without conditions. In this lesson, learn what unconditional love truly is and how to overcome the barriers to experiencing this gift.


Lesson 2

Your Soul & Reincarnation

Reincarnation is the belief that your Soul experiences many lifetimes in different bodies in order to fully evolve and attain enlightenment. Explore the concept of reincarnation in this lesson.


Lesson 3

The Divine Perspective - Life Events & Soul Contracts

Your life events are the teachings that will lead you to fulfill your destiny. Soul contracts were agreed upon prior to this life to also help you fulfill your destiny. In this lesson, you will explore your life events and soul contracts in-depth to better understand your life experience.


Lesson 4


In this lesson, discover and feel understanding, compassion and forgiveness in your life.


Lesson 5

The Art of Surrender - Letting Go

In this lesson learn to trust in life, learn to let go.


Lesson 6

Exploring Past Lives

Now that you have seen this life clearly and processed, healed and transformed a majority of your pain into gifts of understanding, wisdom, and love, you are ready to expand the lens and see a fuller spectrum of lives. These lives may hold insight into how you can deepen your healing and transformation and be empowered to step forward and share your gifts, living your purpose in this lifetime.