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In Stage One of the Healing from Within program, all that is hidden will begin to rise to the surface to be addressed. You will begin to see your lifestyle choices, your relationships and the ways in which you numb and distract yourself with more clarity. This clarity along with the tools that you will learn will empower you to make healthy choices that will restore balance and harmony to your life. One of the most important teachings you will learn will in this stage is how to connect to yourself and the Divine through daily meditation. In this stage of the work you will also create a connection with your Inner Child to uncover unprocessed emotions and pain from the past. In creating this relationship you will begin to connect more deeply so that you may begin the process of healing.

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What You Will Learn

Lesson 1

Lifestyle Program

Take a clear look at what your current lifestyle choices are and determine whether they bring you into balance or out of balance.


Lesson 2


In this lesson you will learn about Ayurveda, a 7,000 year old system of health and healing that has proved the test of time. Then, by following the principals of Ayurveda, you will start to bring balance to your life.


Lesson 3


Meditation is the key to quieting the thinking mind, unlocking the inner realms and connecting with the Divine.


Lesson 4

The Process of Transformation and the Three Selves

In this lesson, you will learn about the process of transformation and the three parts of self: the Higher Self, the Spiritual Adult and the Inner Child. Discovering and strengthening your connection to each of these aspects of self will help you truly transform.


Lesson 5

The Core Wound and Inner Child

Meet your inner child and discover your core wound. Begin to bring healing to this aspect of self.


Lesson 6

The Gift of Presence

Learn how to stay in a witnessing state of awareness.