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Congratulations! You have done the inner work necessary to complete the first three stages of the Healing from Within program. Throughout this program you have laid a solid and healthy foundation in your life, uncovered and healed unprocessed wounds and beliefs, and you are now ready to fully step forward to create the life you came to live!

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What You Will Learn

Lesson 1

Claim Your Greatness

In this lesson, learn to really see the gems within you and bring them out to share with the world.


Lesson 2

Manifest Your Destiny

In this lesson, learn how to take the next steps to fulfill your destiny.


Lesson 3

Live a Life You Love

Empower yourself to live a life you love now!


Lesson 4

Review Your Journey

In this lesson, you will review your journey through HFW. In doing so you will begin to clearly see how far you have come. This is an important step toward actualizing self mastery.


Lesson 5

Integrating the Inner Child into the Spiritual Adult

In this lesson, you will learn about integrating the Inner Child into the Spiritual Adult.  Here, we will discuss what this consists of and why this is important.


Lesson 6

Embodying the Higher Self Essence as a Spiritual Adult

In this lesson, you will learn about merging your Higher Self into your Spiritual Adult. Here, we will discuss the process of continuing to awaken and live your truth, all while embodying your Higher Self essence.