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In Stage Two of the Healing from Within Mentor Training, you will learn to support students going through their active healing work. This will include; assisting them in connecting to their emotions, bringing love and acceptance to their shadows, breaking free of co-dependency, communicating concsiously and healing their core wound and belief. Students will complete this stage with your guidance feeling confident to move forward into the transformation work of Stage Three.

What You Will Learn

Lesson 1


In this lesson, review what codependency is and how to break-free. Then learn how to help students bring awareness to the codependency in their life.


Lesson 2

Conscious Communication

In this lesson you will learn what it means to be a conscious communicator and how this will bring peace and harmony into one's life. You will learn how to mentor students to bring awareness to their communication patterns and encourage them to become conscious communicators.


Lesson 3


In this lesson you will review emotions and why it is important to feel our emotions. You will also learn how to guide students to fully access their emotions and how to process the negative polarity of an emotion in order to experience the other side.


Lesson 4

The Shadow Realm

In this lesson learn to help your students bring awareness to their shadows so that they can learn to embrace them.


Lesson 5

The Structure of Belief

In this lesson, you will review the structure of belief which is composed of the beliefs you hold to be true about yourself, others, the world, and a higher power. You will learn how to guide students to bring awareness to their belief structure and then help them start to create a new reality based on the beliefs they want to consciously include.


Lesson 6

Your Story

In this lesson, you will help your students get a clear picture of their story and any painful patterns that have appeared throughout their life. Then you will learn how to help them heal these patterns and create a better story of a life they want to live.