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In Stage Four Healing from Within Mentor Training, you will learn how to guide students through the final stage of the program. This stage is where the Self Mastery work comes alive, and your student will begin to move out into the world free from the wounding and limitations of the past and able to express their True Self and Life’s purpose. In this stage, thier are two Sacred rituals; you will learn how to teach your students to prepare for and facilitate these Sacred ceremonies for themeslves.

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What You Will Learn

Lesson 1

The Role of a HFW Mentor

In this lesson you will learn what your role as a Healing from Within mentor is, including the commitments you make as a mentor. You will also learn how to share the HFW program and how to sign up new students.


Lesson 2

Review Your Journey

Lesson 3

Integrating the Inner Child into the Spiritual Adult

Lesson 4

Claim Your Greatness

Lesson 5

Manifest Your Destiny

Lesson 6

Live a Life You Love

Lesson 7

Merging of the Higher Self into the Spiritual Adult