Healing from Within® Intro Experience

About the Program

In this course, you will explore the alchemical world of inner transformation with Spiritual Teacher and Mentor, Alisha Olivier Park. The Healing from Within® Intro Experience is designed to give you the practical tools you need to heal and deepen your relationship with yourself as well as others others.

This course is for you if you…

  • Are ready to make a lasting positive change in your life.

  • Would like to deepen your connection to who you truly are.

  • Want to feel loved and connected.

  • Would like to learn how to use the process of transformation to heal and empower your life.

  • Have an interest in the Healing from Within program and would like to try it first.

This course is NOT for you if you…

  • Aren’t open to doing deep, inner work that will clear limiting beliefs and patterns.

  • Don’t want to put in the time and work into your transformation.

  • Focus on competition, comparison and scarcity.

  • Want to stay locked in a story of fear, insecurity, or blame.

  • Like to pay the “victim”.

What You Will Receive

~ Welcome Video From Alisha

Learn why Alisha created the Healing from Within® course and made it her life’s work to share this wisdom with others.

~ Guided Meditation

Meditation elevates every aspect of your life. Even five minutes of meditation everyday not not only helps us become more present but also more grounded, connected and joyful.

~ Journal Prompts

Because writing is a powerful tool for transformation and manifestation, you will be lead through several journal prompts to help you deepen your connection with your Higher Self and gain clarity about what you truly want.

~ One Full Length Video Lesson on “The Process of Transformation & The Three Selves”

By understanding the role of the three selves in healing and transformation, you are able to cultivate emotional resilience and strengthen your connection with yourself.

~ One 1-Hour Private Session with a Healing from Within Mentor

The most powerful way to stay committed to your journey of personal and professional growth is through accountability and support of a personal mentor. During this 1 hour private session, your personal mentor will offer guidance about your career, relationships, health or Self as well as answer any questions you may have about the program via video chat or phone.

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