First Degree Reiki & Energy Healing Training

First Degree Reiki & Energy Healing Training

w/ Reiki Master, Alisha Olivier Park

Date: May 21 & 22 (9am-1pm each day)
Location: Ambrosia & Alchemy Cottage in the gardens of 105 In-person in Bend, Oregon OR Virtually
Tuition: $750

Learn a Sacred Healing Art

Reiki is an ancient Eastern practice of holistic medicine that aims to improve overall health and well-being and assist in physical and mental recovery from illness. This sacred Japanese healing tradition will allow you to cultivate your intuition to rediscover your ability to heal yourself.

This training goes beyond the typical First Degree Reiki experience. It is a comprehensive training that includes:

  • The history and healing practice of Reiki.
  • Sacred Tea ceremony
  • First Degree Reiki Attunements to empower you as a conduit for Reiki energy.
  • The study of energy healing and how to work with the Energy Body.
  • Working with the Chakra system for balance and healing.
  • The art of self-healing through Reiki hand positions.
  • How to deepen your intuition and awaken your healing abilities.
  • You will receive online training course materials in addition to a textbook.
  • Follow-up calls to support you through the 21 day cleanse/activation that follows the attunements.

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