Integrative Healer Training

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Inspire Your Soul ~ Awaken Your Intuitive Gifts ~ Nurture The Healer Within

About the Certification

Blending science and spirituality, the Tranquility School’s Integrative Healer Certification awakens and nurtures the healer within you. Led by Alisha Olivier Park, Alexandra Smith, and Gianna Mauceri, our experienced practitioners guide you through a transformational immersion experience that has been designed to awaken the healed healer and authentic teacher within.

Through live group webinars, online coursework and live trainings, you will strengthen your intuitive insight and refine your skills in sacred remedies of Energy Healing (including Reiki), Crystals, Sound Healing and Aromatherapy/Essential Oils and Sacred Ceremony. Not only will you learn how to combine everything together into an Integrative Healing Session, but more importantly, you will gain a deeper understanding of how you can use these gifts to enhance every aspect of your life.


There are no formal prerequisites to participate in this training. It is recommended that you have a deep commitment to your own personal transformation. Please be prepared to do your own healing work – a necessary component in maintaining integrity and efficacy in your healing abilities.

To receive certification as a Certified Integrative Healer from the Tranquility School of Healing you will complete 3 requirements (can be taken in any order):

1. Integrative Healer Online (Theory & Philosophy + Practicum)
Live classes on Wednesday at 9:00 am Pacific time 

This training course is designed for students who would like to deepen their theoretical understanding of the healing arts through self-practice, online coursework and weekly group webinar trainings with Alisha, Alexandra, and Gianna. Students will also collaborate on practicums to refine their skills in the healing arts during one-on-one sessions with others.

IH Training Outline:

  • Sacred Ceremony
  • Aromatherapy (healing with Essential oils)
  • Energy Healing. First & Second Degree Reiki
  • Crystal Healing
  • Sound Healing

2. Healing From Within (Personal Transformation/Growth)
Stage 1 &2 Required. Stage 1-4 Recommended. Begin anytime.

Alisha Olivier Park’s signature program guides you through a year long journey of personal transformation. In this unique program, you will explore the first two stages of personal transformation – self-discovery and healing. Not only will you heal your deepest wounds, but you will gain the skills you need to live a life filled with vibrant health, unconditional love and fulfillment of your true purpose. From this place you will be able to show up as the Healed Healer and be of the greatest service.

Healing From Within Includes:

  • In-Depth Online Course Materials
  • Weekly Live Group Webinars with Alisha
  • One-on-One Sessions with a certified Healing From Within® Mentor
  • Interactive Community of Like-Hearted Individuals

3. Integrative Healing Retreat (Practical Hands on Application)
October 2022 – Bend Oregon 

Awaken the divine wisdom working within you during our six day retreat in the heart of Bend Oregon. Using our signature healing modalities, you will hone your intuitive gifts through personalized training and practical application led by Alisha and Gianna. In addition to healing arts classes, you will also enjoy daily Sacred Ceremonies, and lodging.

Healing Arts Retreat Modules Include:

  • The Art of Sacred Ceremony
  • Tapping into Your Intuition & Healing Abilities
  • Crystal Healing
  • Sound Healing
  • Essential Oil Healing – Emotional Release Technique
  • Energy Healing
  • Integrative Healing Session – Learn how to blend all these sacred modalities together to create a magical healing session
  • Creating a business as a Spiritual Entrepreneur/Healer

Meet Your Teachers

Alexandra Smith


Alexandra was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Her journey with the integrative arts started when she moved to Los Angeles in 2006 with the discovery of meditation, yoga and crystals. After five years of living in Los Angles her yoga practice guided her to move to San Diego. Alexandra’s first experience with Reiki was with Alisha during a Yinki® Yoga class and she could feel the essence of Reiki moving through her. She knew that she needed to unleash the wisdom that lied within her heart and that’s when her path into integrative healing blossomed. After a few years of teaching for the school, Alisha and Alexandra decided to merge a partnership and in October 2015, she became the Co-Founder of the Tranquility School of Healing. The following year she awakening another path within her and she became the new owner of a yoga studio, Yoga Bound in Carlsbad Village, San Diego. The studio is the home for the Tranquility School of Integrative Healing trainings, workshops and offers weekly Yinki® Yoga classes.

Alisha Olivier Park

Alisha was born in Berkeley, California and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Alisha uses the wisdom she has learned in her own inner journey as a catalyst to serve humanity.

Alisha trained and worked alongside Dr. Deepak Chopra as a lead teacher and as Director of Seminars for the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California. Following that work, she founded a wellness center, healing arts school and developed Yinki® Yoga. Alisha has dedicated the past 15 years to guiding others through the journey of Spiritual transformation.

With the wisdom gained from her own journey, and as a mentor to hundreds of people, Alisha has developed a highly effective and personal transformation course, Healing from Within. This online course guides students to live a life they love by understanding and processing the pain of the past, transforming limiting beliefs and negative patterns, and learning Spiritual wisdom to live a fully conscious, joyful and fulfilling life.

Janna Mauceri


Janna was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Unknowingly, her integrative healing journey began when she moved to the United States in 2009.

After Yoga Teacher Training in 2012, this opened more doors into the world of the healing arts, and she was formally trained in Yinki®, sound healing, essential oil healing, and crystal therapy.  Shortly thereafter, in 2014, Janna found her Mentor, Alisha Olivier Park. As Janna healed the repetitive patterns that no longer served her, she discovered within herself an abundance of love and knew that she had to find a way to share this gift with others.

In 2016, Janna was involved in a car accident, leaving her with multiple injuries. She used this situation to further hone all of the healing tools she had been practicing at an even deeper level. She believes that these tools saved her life, and became even more determined to share her gifts with the world.

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