Sacred Passage – A Sacred Ceremony For My Daughter

On my daughters 11th birthday an inspiration came to me during meditation. This would be the year to formally invite Stella onto her Spiritual path through a Sacred ceremony. The time had come to share with her the deeper Spiritual teachings, rights, and responsibilities of living a conscious life. Stella is no stranger to Spirituality as she’s been emersed in it since she was in my womb. As far back as I can remember Stella and I have been making potions, doing Sacred ceremonies and learning about the Universe together through our life experiences. Stella has a heart of gold, she is a wise, old Soul, and I knew she would appreciate a special ceremony to honor her and her Spiritual path at this pivotal time in her life.

Some traditions mark this rite of passage by age, or puberty, for me the combination of the inspiration I received in meditation along with her mental, emotional and physical growth signaled that it was the right time. She was becoming a young lady. She was ready.

I shared with her the intention and significance of having a Sacred ceremony for her and I told her that I wanted to have it on her 11 1/2 birthday. She was very excited and loved the idea. And since we are both Harry Potter fans 11 1/2 felt perfect as it was very reminiscent of the magical platform 9 3/4 where young wizards and witches board the train and are swept away to Hogwarts to learn the art of magic.

In the early morning of January 24th, Stella and I took the preparations I had made the night before out onto the beach. A light fog hugged the coastline creating a mystical backdrop for our ceremony. Sitting facing one another with angel cards, sacred resins, and crystals in between us I began the ceremony.


Looking into her sweet eyes, I shared with her what she meant to me, to our family and this world. I shared the importance of always staying connected to her true self, to the Divine, to her family and nature. And to remember how deeply and unconditional she is loved. Then we cleansed through the ritual of smudging with frankincense, blue sage, and rose petals. I gave her flower essence to help build patience and presence within her, I anointed her heart with rose oil to connect her to the flow of love and compassion, and finally, I placed the Crystal Mala I had made for her to use in her meditation practice around her neck.

We closed our eyes and sat quietly in meditation, feeling the soft breeze on our faces and breathing in the refreshing ocean air. At this moment I felt the presence of the Divine and all of our ancestors. They were there holding the space for us; goosebumps ran across my skin as I felt how deeply we are loved. And I knew that Stella would always be protected and stay true to herself and her Spiritual path. I exhaled, opened my eyes and invited her to choose an angel card.

When she opened her eyes I could see the light within her; she smiled and said, “Thank you, Mama.” And at that moment I caught a glimpse of both, the little girl that will always be my baby and the young woman that she is becoming.

I share this precious moment in our lives with the intention for you to bring Sacred ceremony into your life and the life of your loved ones. It is a magnificent feeling to BE together in the Sacred space of ceremony. It can be as simple or complex as you wish it to be. If you have a special occasion that you would like to create a Sacred ceremony around, please leave a comment below, I am honored to assist in the inspiration of your creations!

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  • Lynn Alley

    Dear Alisha, thank you for sharing both this beautiful intimate moment and the beautiful photo with the rest of us. Very generous of both you
    and Stella! Much love

    • Alisha Olivier Park

      Oh Lynn Alley! How miss you! Thank you for reading, it is my pleasure to share! We had a blast taking the photos a few days later as we didn’t want any paparazzi 😉 during the actual ceremony. Lots of love to you!

  • Nana (Flossie)

    So beautiful and inspired! I felt like I could participate out of space and time. Stella I hope and pray that you always remember this connection with your mother and your SELF and of course us. You are love incarnated.

  • Anita

    Absolutely Beautiful and Inspirational❤️ Stella is truly blessed to have u as her Mom. Of course I can also see how blessed u r to have her and how lucky the world is to have Stella.

  • Laura Wright

    Heartfelt congratulations to Stella, what a sweet amazingly beautiful ceremony you put together… it will be a moment that Stella will hold on to for the rest of her life and I have no doubt she will follow her own deep spiritual path that will lead her to live a truly authentic life as do you, Alisha. Wishing you both all the divine blessings that the Universe has to offer! Thank you for sharing Alisha! Warm Canadian hugs to you both, Laura xox

  • GIGI

    Thank you so much for sharing…truly beautiful. The profound honoring of the feminine, motherhood, and precious Stella is so needed! She will remember this day always! Sending all my Love!!! GIGI

  • Stephanie

    Love 💕 this made me cry

  • Sara Wolf

    Reading this gave me goosebumps! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful, sacred, and intimate moment. What a blessing both of you are! Love Love Love you both!!!!!!

  • Clara

    What a beautiful, meaningful, special experience to create for your daughter and yourself, together, on the cusp of change.. ❤️ Very inspiring

  • vanessaramirez

    This is so amazing and so special . I love the relationship you and Stella has . It truly warms my heart . I would love to do something like this with Eli . He just turned 11 .

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