Power of Nature: A Powerful Gateway to Within

When was the last time you watched a sunrise? Where you sat quietly in the early morning hours and aligned yourself with the true beauty and power of nature?

For me, it was during a stay at a nature reserve near my home in Costa Rica. I awoke in the cool darkness, bundled up in cozy clothes and began my journey climbing the rickety wooden stairs of the water tower near my cabin. I had become a regular on that small square platform perched 50 feet atop the water tower.

power of nature

In the light of day, the platform provides stunning 360-degree views of raw, untouched nature sweeping across mountain tops through jungle canopy and further to the expansive deep blue ocean. In the dark of night, stars and planets seemed to appear out of the void, sharing their light and inspiration with me. This particular morning ascending to the top of the tower, I noticed the view around me was hidden behind the quiet of the morning darkness, but the stars above were still twinkling in the sky. I unrolled my yoga mat and settled into meditation.

With eyes closed, I felt the rise and fall of my body with each fresh breath. Drawn into gratitude for everything I had been blessed with in my life, especially the deep connection to nature which began as a small child, growing up in Hawaii. Behind closed lids, my eyes felt the subtle morning light begin to awaken. I felt a deep sense of calm mixed with excitement for the dawning of a new day. As my eyes opened, they took in the vision of the bright orange sun in all its glory rising from behind the majestic mountains that I love so dearly. The power of nature offered a safe, peaceful space. I looked in all directions with pure reverence for all of nature’s wonder. The scenery took my breath away and filled my eyes with tears, for in this place, at this moment, I felt ONE with everything.

 Gateway to Experience

Invariably when sharing wisdom and teachings, people often ask, “What does it mean to be in Oneness?”  Or, ” How can we know that God exists?” For me, answers to such questions are rarely found in words; Rather it is through direct experiences such as mentioned above on top of a water tower. Experiences like this are the answers to the questions within us, and they are gifts directly to us from the Universe. Nature is one of the easiest and most powerful gateways to experience these gifts. It is a sanctuary to quiet your mind, re-balance your body and connect to the creative flow of the Universe.

I invite you to step outside and experience the power of nature in a mindful way; breathe in the fresh air, bury your toes in the sand, skip through the grass, walk barefoot on the earth…do anything that you can to connect to and rejoice in the sheer power of nature!

3 Simple Steps to Connect with the Power of Nature

1. Within the next few days, quietly witness the sunrise or sunset. Leave your electronics behind and bring a journal to write your observations following your experience.

2. Float in a natural body of water. Close your eyes lay on your back and float. Let go of everything and let yourself be supported by the water.

3. Go on a walking meditation. Find a natural place like the sand, dirt or grass; take off your shoes and walk. Keep a gentle gaze on the ground in front of you and begin to walk, step-by-step, very slowly. Place one foot in front of the other… heel, ball, toes and then repeat on the other side. Breath deeply into your belly. There is no destination, just walking slowly and consciously.

Please share your comments below of your recent mindful experience with the power of nature!

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  • Rebec

    Thank you for this reminder Alisha. Recently my brother, a lover of nature and adventure, passed away and we three sisters marveled and wept at a particular sunset that same evening. What washed over all of us was a sense of calm and knowing that his suffering was now behind him and nothing but peace held him gently. Nature gave us this serenity.

    • Alisha Olivier Park

      Dear Rebec,
      Thank you for sharing this heartfelt memory with us! My prayers and heart go out to you and your family during this time of honoring and letting go. Return to nature often throughout your grieving process it will continue to help you along the way!

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