Healing Prayer Video: A Guided Process

Healing Prayer Video

If your search for a healing prayer has landed you onto my blog, it is my honor to offer you a guided combination of non-denominational prayer and meditation in this six minute video.  Whether the healing you are looking for involves that of the body (physical), the mind (mental) and/or the spirit (emotional), the prayer you need will be created from within – simply allowing me to assist you into a space of receiving.

A question often asked, “Is there a difference between prayer and meditation and is one better than the other?”  For me, prayer is speaking to the Divine and meditation is listening. Both are are equally important – having the communion of both parts, both speaking to and listening to…the Divine.

Let’s begin with creating your healing prayer. Take a moment and reflect on what specific healing you want in your life at this moment. Settle yourself comfortably in a seated position.  Allow your eyes to close. Open your heart. Be aware of your breath. Open your heart. Bring your hands together in the prayer position at your heart center.  Deep breaths – creating an open and receptive space within. Follow the gentle breathing…the giving and receiving, allowing both side of this beautiful communion.

When you are ready: Express your healing prayer request. healing prayer

Then, release your hands down to a comfortable position, eyes remain closed. Your heart is open to receiving. Allow yourself to be open, to be receptive, to listen…for guidance to receive your healing. The messages may come in the form of something you hear, something you see, behind closed eyelids, something you feel or sense. Or something you know….to be true.  Take a few moments in this quiet, still place.

Coming Up From Your Healing Prayer Meditation

Now, bring your hands back to your heart – returning to your heart space, focusing on gratitude. Trusting that your prayer has been heard and is being answered.  Opening your eyes as you are ready. Remember: healing can take the time that it does; it is the trust that it is taking place that is important. Allow yourself the time to heal – trust that your healing prayer will be answered and that the healing will come.

As mentioned in the closing of this healing prayer video…I invite you to consider my newest online course: Healing from Within Intro Experience.  This mini course is designed to help you move into a space of personal transformation and healing.  And includes a one hour phone session together.  If you have questions, please reach out with a message from the course link above.

With Love,

Alisha Olivier Park

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