Personal Transformation: A Treasure Map for Healing

Beginnings of a Personal Transformation Journey

Why are my relationships so complicated?  Why is life so hard? What if they don’t like me? What if I fail? How am I going to pay my bills? I can’t do it. I have to do it; no one else is going to help me. Why do I feel so alone? No one understands me. What’s wrong with me?  Can’t I just be happy? Am I ever going to feel good enough? 

What you have just read was my inner dialogue for the better part of my life. From what I could recall at the time, my childhood was pretty normal with nothing too traumatic. My earliest childhood pain was the hurt I felt from my parent’s divorce which left me longing for my father’s love and attention. However, my mother remarried by the time I was five, and she and my stepdad provided me with everything I could need, including a safe home, food, clothing, a good education, and love.

Why, then, were all these negative thoughts spinning round and round in my head, filling me with anxiety, guilt, fear, shame and an overall sense of deep unworthiness?

By the time I reached my twenties, I felt exhausted from the constant emotional turbulence, repetitive relationship issues and an overall sense of being unfulfilled. Something needed to change. It was imperative that I get to the bottom of where all this pain was coming from. I started to become aware of how close my emotions were to the surface. I noticed that it didn’t take much to trigger me; I took everything personally. Seemingly simple things such as not getting something I wanted. And the constant conflict within relationships. I was defensive, insecure and unable to hold emotional space for myself. I was looking to the outside world for love, acceptance, and purpose.

What was causing all of this inner turmoil?  

My desire was to heal and grow into my full potential. And thus began my search to find the way to uncover what was buried. I started to remember other events from childhood which at first appeared a dream or a figment of my imagination, but as I continued to work within, the understanding became clear: there was trauma that I had hidden from myself. Once I brought everything to the surface I could finally start the process of healing.

personal transformation

Shifting into Awareness, Understanding and Ultimately Healing

How to heal all of this…where and how to begin?

To find answers, I studied Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Spirituality, Alchemy and Science. My journey led me to experience a broad range of wise teachers, techniques, and processes. And yet I wanted a resource in a single place where all the pieces came together. I did recognize, however, that each area of study revealed a precious piece of the puzzle. A deeper calling took hold of me. I felt led to bring the pieces of the puzzle together to create a clear map of how to heal at the deepest level and allow for lasting change to consciously take place from within.

This catapulted me into a decade of inner and outer work that ultimately led to the creation of the Healing from Within program, a modern-day treasure map for Personal Transformation. It is an internal alchemical process that led me from confusion to clarity, from wounding to healing, from codependency to empowerment, from being lost to finding my life’s purpose.

As life would have it, my purpose is clear: to share this treasure map for personal transformation with you. It is a comprehensive, in-depth, online course of four stages: Self Discovery, Healing, Transformation and Self Mastery.

Guidance for Your Personal Transformation

Through the Healing from Within program, you will learn how to live a healthy lifestyle – supportive to your unique constitution. And you will discover how to communicate consciously and experience a healthy relationship with yourself and with others.

You will heal and transform thus allowing you to show up in your life in an empowered and authentic way that reflects who you truly are and what you came here to do. 

personal-transformation Your Personal Transformation Journey: Healing from Within

There are two ways you can experience your personal transformation with my course.  The first is an online self-study version, which is both a convenient and economical way to provide you with the Healing from Within teachings.  The course includes full-length videos, written text, journal questions, experiential exercises and an online forum to connect with other HFW students and Mentors.

The second option going through the course is, from my experience assisting many people, the most effective: combining the course with a personal Healing for Within Mentor.  These one-on-one weekly sessions meet you where you are right now and guide you through the teachings.  Your real life events will become the catalyst for learning and growing.  You receive guidance and lifework assignments from your Mentor thus putting the lessons into practice within your life.  Having a personal HFW Mentor will provide you the support and accountability needed to accelerate your healing and growth.

This precious treasure map took over a decade to create.  Now you can receive all the benefits that HFW  has to offer as you uncover the treasure within and begin your personal transformation.

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