Guided Meditation Video: Creating Quiet, Sacred Space

A Guided Meditation Video: Creating Quiet, Sacred Space

I created this guided meditation video for those who have asked for help in getting themselves into a place of quiet in order to meditate. And for those who might want a more ceremonial feel.  Whether the practice of meditation is new to you or if you want to create a more sacred aspect to your practice, the intention here is to help you settle into a serene space.

Before you begin the guided meditation video, I want to share a few of the many benefits of meditation. There are 1,440 minutes in a day; dedicating 5 to 30 minutes each day to meditation can decrease the feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Daily meditation has the ability to reduce physical pain and inflammation while increasing immune function, mental clarity and positive emotions. Additionally, positive social effects of meditation can help reduce loneliness and create a deeper sense of compassion and connection to self and others.

Are you ready to experience these incredible benefits of meditation? If so, let’s get started with the guided meditation video now.

Find a comfortable, quiet space that is conducive to relaxation and put away all electronic devices besides the one you will be using to watch the video. This time is just for you; it will help you let go of the busy-ness of daily life and slip into a quiet, still place where you can clear your mind and connect to yourself.

After  completing the guided meditation take a few moments to reflect. You may want to take out a journal or piece of paper and write a few lines about your experience. If you are new to meditation, I invite you to bring the benefits of meditation alive by committing to a daily practice.

guided meditationSeek Out Guided Meditation Music

For some, it can be a challenge to get that inner chatter quieted down to focus on the practice of meditation. In addition to the ideas presented in my guided meditation video above,  you might try searching  YouTube for peaceful, soothing meditation music; there are millions of beautiful choices!  In your search, look for specifically timed music that works best for you: ten, twenty, sixty minutes. Perhaps a particular instrument appeals to you? Here’s a suggestion for one which is, from beginning to end, a 10 minute meditation piano piece, written and performed by Paul Collier. Focus on the music. Breathe. Be patient with yourself. The benefits will come. Be.

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    exactly what my heart and soul needed, at exactly the perfect time. Imagine that;) So much love for you and gratitude for the gifts you share!

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