What Is the Point of Life?

What is the Point of Life?

As humans, we have many questions. One of the most valuable: what is the point of life? I began pondering this at a young age and have come to the understanding that the answer is to know who you are and what you came here to express.

First, to consider this question let us explore another question: Who am I?  To answer this, let me share a little bit about the ego. The ego is who you think you are.  Not who you truly are, but who you think you are. The ego leads you to believe that you are the roles that you play or the job that you do.

If we ask someone, who are you? Most likely they respond with: I am a mother, a husband, a sister thus identifying with the roles that they play.

Or they may reply with: I am a teacher, a doctor, a student… identifying with what they do.

The Observer

You are not the roles that you play. You are not the job that you do. You are the consciousness that is observing the one who is playing the roles and the one who does a job. 

What is the difference between what you do and what you play? How does this relate to asking the question: what is the point of life?

The difference is that you are the essence behind these titles; And the point of life is that it is the consciousness that witnesses the experiences.

Getting Lost, Becoming Found

Try to think of it this way: when the actor Julia Roberts was cast to play the role of the prostitute in Pretty Woman, she was merely playing a role.

She was an actor that was hired to play the role, expressing her artistic voice; she was not the role that she was playing.

If she had become lost in the role and started to think that she was the character instead of the actor playing the role of the prostitute, then she would have lost herself and found it difficult to perform any other part.

Her answer to the question, “who are you” would then have shifted to yet another role.

Actors are not the roles they play; they are the ones playing the roles. And who they truly are is not the job of being an actor, rather the consciousness that witnesses the actor playing the role.

Consciousness Witnessing Is the Point of Life

That is who you truly are, the consciousness that witnesses your life experiences.

Once you understand who truly you are, then you can begin to see what you came here to this earth to express or share.  And the answer to the question, what is the point of life, becomes abundantly clear. It is my desire to help guide you to experience yourself as consciousness and help you become clear on your unique gifts to the world.

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