New Year Ceremony: Connecting to Your Higher Self

A New Year Ceremony

I have created a special New Year Ceremony for those who would like to connect to their Higher Self and get clear on their path for 2017.

  1. Create sacred space to work within. This can be as simple as having a few of your favorite things around you. For example a photo of a special person, a feather, candle, crystal, or any object that inspires you.
  2. Cleanse and clear yourself and your space with sage, palo santo or essential oils. If you do not have any of these you can use these words along with powerful intention to purify. “I ask that my body temple and this sacred space be cleansed and cleared with the Divine light now.”
  3. Begin meditation with eyes closed for about 5-10 minutes. Focus on on the breath moving in and out. Focus on the rise and fall of the chest or heart space.
  4. Next in this new year ceremony, bring attention to your heart center and then lift your attention up through the crown of your head to the space about 2 feet above. This is known as the Higher Self Chakra. Taking some deep breaths to connect your heart with your Higher Self essence.
  5. Once you feel connected ask your Higher Self to share the wisdom of your life path for the coming year. What is most important for you to focus your energy and attention on? And then LISTEN.
    To close you can say this prayer or another of your creation.
  6. “Dear Divine Essence, I invite you to continue to open me to Divine Wisdom and to illuminate my TRUE SOUL PATH. I ask that you guide me and walk beside me on this path so that I may have the strength to continue to be connected, focused and dedicated to the remembrance of my TRUE SELF. Thank you Beloved.”
  7. Take some time to journal and reflect on what you have experienced with your personal new year ceremony.

Many Blessings to you and your loved ones in each moment of this coming year!
Alisha Olivier Park

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